Docs - formatting, etc

Greg Longtin greg.mpls at
Mon Jul 18 01:43:25 JST 2016

To all,

I've been working on a yard plug-in (yard-t2) that is basically an updated
UX along with using XMLHttpRequest.  I decided to work on its c parsing and
get it to do a better job of generating docs for Ruby Core and Std-Lib.
I've got several versions of Ruby doc'd --

Home page has UI info, etc

Anyway, end result is I've noticed several issues with the documentation;
they affect both rdoc and yard-t2.  One is the phrase 'For example:' in io.c
causes several of ARGF's method docs to be formatted incorrectly.  The lines
simply need a space added.  Other issues are tabs instead of spaces,
indenting, missing call-seq: declarations, code samples that won't parse
correctly, etc.

Are pull requests for these kind of issues reviewed and accepted?  Best way
to submit them?



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