[ruby-cvs:74117] nagachika:r67013 (ruby_2_5): merge revision(s) 66867: [Backport #15500]

nagachika at ruby-lang.org nagachika at ruby-lang.org
Tue Feb 5 21:15:47 JST 2019

nagachika	2019-02-05 21:15:47 +0900 (Tue, 05 Feb 2019)

  New Revision: 67013


    merge revision(s) 66867: [Backport #15500]
    Revert r58345 and r58371.
      These changes break the behavior of default gems. Bug #13428 says
      r58345 is reasonable because gemspec file is installed by `to_ruby_for_cache`
      method. But I revert `to_ruby_for_cache` in rbinstall.rb at r58403.
      There is no reason that we apply r58345 now.
      But I'm not sure about gemspec of default gems affects standalone gems.
      I'm going to investigate it on rubygems/rubygems.
      [Bug #15500][ruby-core:90867]

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