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    NEWS: prefer advertising --jit option [ci skip]
    In addition to `--enable=jit` and `--enable-jit`, we're going to ship
    `--jit` as a short hand of it in Ruby 2.6.0.
    That's because both --enable=jit and --enable-jit are super hard to
    type everytime on command line, and I want make it easier to use so
    that many people use it. First of all, `--enable=jit` is accidentally
    added for consistency with `--disable=jit` and it's not added for human.
    As it's a short hand, once JIT became enabled by default, the `--jit`
    option would be removed after some deprecation warning period and only
    `--enable=jit`/`--disable=jit` will survive. That being said, I still
    think having `--jit` as a temporary short hand is valuable for the above

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