[ruby-cvs:72169] stomar:r65069 (trunk): hash.c: improve docs for Hash#{merge, merge!, update}

stomar at ruby-lang.org stomar at ruby-lang.org
Sun Oct 14 05:36:03 JST 2018

stomar	2018-10-14 05:36:03 +0900 (Sun, 14 Oct 2018)

  New Revision: 65069


    hash.c: improve docs for Hash#{merge,merge!,update}
    * hash.c: [DOC] improve docs for Hash#{merge,merge!,update}:
      various rewordings, avoid referring to the receiver as `hsh'
      (does not appear in the call-seq of the generated HTML docs),
      mention that Hash#update is an alias for Hash#merge!,
      use more distinct example values, fix spacing in code.

  Modified files:

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