[ruby-cvs:73185] shyouhei:r66085 (trunk): .travis.yml: cache unicode.org files

shyouhei at ruby-lang.org shyouhei at ruby-lang.org
Thu Nov 29 14:26:05 JST 2018

shyouhei	2018-11-29 14:26:05 +0900 (Thu, 29 Nov 2018)

  New Revision: 66085


    .travis.yml: cache unicode.org files
    Before this changeset (since r58071) we did not download files
    from unicode.org but just touch some files.  This is a kind of
    hack that people normally don't do at home.
    We are caching other files between builds now.  Why not also save
    those files downloaded from elsewhere.  This covers more
    realistic workload, I guess.

  Modified files:

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