[ruby-cvs:73156] shyouhei:r66056 (trunk): .travis.yaml: unquote

shyouhei at ruby-lang.org shyouhei at ruby-lang.org
Wed Nov 28 09:49:24 JST 2018

shyouhei	2018-11-28 09:49:24 +0900 (Wed, 28 Nov 2018)

  New Revision: 66056


    .travis.yaml: unquote
    It was probably me, 7 years ago, in r33844, who started overly
    quoting YAML strings.  But now, this file grown up 50+ times from
    6 lines to more than 300.  It is more annoying than convenient to
    quote everything to add backslashes here and there.
    Just use quotes only when necessary.

  Modified files:

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