[ruby-cvs:72710] hsbt:r65610 (trunk): Dir.children is available since Feature #11302. FileUtils uses

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Thu Nov 8 00:55:14 JST 2018

hsbt	2018-11-08 00:55:14 +0900 (Thu, 08 Nov 2018)

  New Revision: 65610


    Dir.children is available since Feature #11302. FileUtils uses
    Dir.each on an internal method encapsulated on a private class
    `Entry_#entry`, having no '.' neither '..' entries would make
    now superfluous a chained reject filtering.
    This change can improve the performance of these FileUtils
    methods when the provided path covers thousands of files or
    - chmod_R
    - chown_R
    - remove_entry
    - remove_entry_secure
    - rm_r
    - remove_dir
    - copy_entry
    Related: Feature #13896 https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/13896
    [Feature #14109][Fix GH-1754]
    Co-Authored-By: esparta <esparta at gmail.com>

  Modified files:

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