[ruby-cvs:72692] shyouhei:r65592 (trunk): string.c: this assumption is false [ci skip]

shyouhei at ruby-lang.org shyouhei at ruby-lang.org
Wed Nov 7 14:23:03 JST 2018

shyouhei	2018-11-07 14:23:03 +0900 (Wed, 07 Nov 2018)

  New Revision: 65592


    string.c: this assumption is false [ci skip]
    Looking at the lines right above, it is clear than a blue sky
    that we cannot assume `p` to be aligned at all when
    UNALIGNED_WORD_ACCESS is true.  It is a wrong idea to use
    __builtin_assume_aligned for that situation.
    See also: https://travis-ci.org/ruby/ruby/jobs/451710732#L2007

  Modified files:

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