[ruby-cvs:70469] k0kubun:r63379 (trunk): _mjit_compile_pc_and_sp.erb: revert r63360

k0kubun at ruby-lang.org k0kubun at ruby-lang.org
Wed May 9 22:09:01 JST 2018

k0kubun	2018-05-09 22:09:01 +0900 (Wed, 09 May 2018)

  New Revision: 63379


    _mjit_compile_pc_and_sp.erb: revert r63360
    Revert "_mjit_compile_pc_and_sp.erb: make sure no uninitialized"
    This triggered some `NoMethodError`s which seem to be caused by the
    commit like: https://travis-ci.org/k0kubun/mjit-test/builds/376416934
    I'll add tests and fix it later...

  Modified files:

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