[ruby-cvs:69900] tenderlove:r62750 (trunk): Unconditionally define `TRACE_INSN_P`

tenderlove at ruby-lang.org tenderlove at ruby-lang.org
Thu Mar 15 08:27:10 JST 2018

tenderlove	2018-03-15 08:27:10 +0900 (Thu, 15 Mar 2018)

  New Revision: 62750


    Unconditionally define `TRACE_INSN_P`
    `TRACE_INSN_P` doesn't need to know about encoded iseqs, it just needs
    to look at decoded iseqs.  We have the decoded iseqs available, so no
    reason to look at encoded ones.  This change allows us to clear
    `original_iseq` from the iseq struct without any segvs (previously,
    clearing `original_iseq` would cause the tests to crash).
    * iseq.c (rb_iseq_trace_set): Only use decoded iseq with `TRACE_INSN_P`

  Modified files:

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