[ruby-cvs:70885] normal:r63794 (trunk): test_thread.rb (test_thread_interrupt_for_killed_thread): reprieve for MJIT

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Sat Jun 30 07:20:12 JST 2018

normal	2018-06-30 07:20:12 +0900 (Sat, 30 Jun 2018)

  New Revision: 63794


    test_thread.rb (test_thread_interrupt_for_killed_thread): reprieve for MJIT
    With MJIT enabled, the exit (from SIGTERM) may take a long time
    to complete.  Prevent EnvUtil.invoke_ruby from falling back to
    other signals (SIGABRT) when Process.wait takes longer than the
    default 1s reprieve.

  Modified files:

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