[ruby-cvs:70833] normal:r63742 (trunk): UNIXSocket#recv_io: trigger GC when out of FDs

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Mon Jun 25 07:08:15 JST 2018

normal	2018-06-25 07:08:15 +0900 (Mon, 25 Jun 2018)

  New Revision: 63742


    UNIXSocket#recv_io: trigger GC when out of FDs
    Make this behavior is consistent with our other FD-allocating
    EMFILE and ENFILE are not documented nor can I trigger them when
    using UNIXSocket#recv_io.  However, ENOMEM is documented, and
    I've triggered EMSGSIZE on FreeBSD and truncated messages when
    an EMFILE condition is hit on my system.

  Modified files:

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