[ruby-cvs:70789] normal:r63698 (trunk): lib/drb/extservm.rb (service): do not return `false'

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Wed Jun 20 08:20:36 JST 2018

normal	2018-06-20 08:20:36 +0900 (Wed, 20 Jun 2018)

  New Revision: 63698


    lib/drb/extservm.rb (service): do not return `false'
    invoke_service_command may set entries in @servers to `false',
    making it incompatible with the intended use of the
    safe navigation operator.
    This caused occasional DRb test failures, but they were hidden
    with automatic retry.
    [ruby-core:87524] [Bug #14856]
    Fixes: r53111 ("use safe navigation operator")
    commit 059c9c1cf371e049c7481c78b76e9620da52757f [GH-1142]

  Modified files:

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