[ruby-cvs:70635] knu:r63544 (trunk): Skip colliding filenames in LIBRUBY_ALIASES

knu at ruby-lang.org knu at ruby-lang.org
Fri Jun 1 16:13:38 JST 2018

knu	2018-06-01 16:13:38 +0900 (Fri, 01 Jun 2018)

  New Revision: 63544


    Skip colliding filenames in LIBRUBY_ALIASES
    This allows user to specify any name in `--with-so-name` that might
    cause a name clash with LIBRUBY_ALIASES on the platform.
    Without this, for example, configuring with `--with-soname=ruby
    --enable-shared` on macOS would end up running `ln -sf libruby.dylib
    libruby.dylib` only to fail with the following error in installation:
    make[2]: stat: libruby.dylib: Too many levels of symbolic links

  Modified files:

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