[ruby-cvs:71084] normal:r63993 (trunk): zlib (rb_gzreader_getc): localize and return cbuf directly

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Wed Jul 18 17:16:18 JST 2018

normal	2018-07-18 17:16:18 +0900 (Wed, 18 Jul 2018)

  New Revision: 63993


    zlib (rb_gzreader_getc): localize and return cbuf directly
    No point in having a long-lived cbuf in "struct gzfile"
    since GZFILE_CBUF_CAPA is smaller than RSTRING_EMBED_LEN_MAX
    (even on 32-bit).  We can also have rb_econv_convert write
    directly to the return value instead of an intermediate buffer.
    This brings "struct gzfile" from 264 to 256 bytes on 64-bit
    systems to avoid taking an additional cache line.

  Modified files:

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