[ruby-cvs:69160] mame:r61979 (trunk): parse.y: Remove unneeded var_field_1 trick

mame at ruby-lang.org mame at ruby-lang.org
Sat Jan 20 15:11:21 JST 2018

mame	2018-01-20 15:11:21 +0900 (Sat, 20 Jan 2018)

  New Revision: 61979


    parse.y: Remove unneeded var_field_1 trick
    I thought this trick was needed because the result of var_field was
    passed to different arguments, as follows:
    $1 = var_field(p, $1);
    $$ = backref_assign_error(p, $1, $1, &@$);
    Currently the DSL supports that one result is passed to one argument.
    However, after the refactoring, I found that `backref_assign_error`
    uses only one `$1`.

  Modified files:

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