[ruby-cvs:68944] k0kubun:r61762 (trunk): tool/downloader.rb: retry against Errno::ETIMEDOUT

k0kubun at ruby-lang.org k0kubun at ruby-lang.org
Thu Jan 11 00:44:52 JST 2018

k0kubun	2018-01-11 00:44:52 +0900 (Thu, 11 Jan 2018)

  New Revision: 61762


    tool/downloader.rb: retry against Errno::ETIMEDOUT
    instead of Errno::ECONNREFUSED.
    As I commented in r61498, at that moment I was not sure if the actual
    exception is really `Errno::ECONNREFUSED` or not.
    In https://ci.appveyor.com/project/ruby/ruby/build/1.0.6974, I could
    confirm that the download can fail with `Errno::ETIMEDOUT`. So I want to
    retry that.
    Let's add `Errno::ECONNREFUSED` too if it fails with the exception.

  Modified files:

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