[ruby-cvs:68866] yui-knk:r61685 (trunk): parse.y: Fix the lineno of nd_set_line

yui-knk at ruby-lang.org yui-knk at ruby-lang.org
Mon Jan 8 20:50:35 JST 2018

yui-knk	2018-01-08 20:50:35 +0900 (Mon, 08 Jan 2018)

  New Revision: 61685


    parse.y: Fix the lineno of nd_set_line
    * parse.y: Follow up of r61676. r61676 removed
      ruby_sourceline from some actions. When stop to
      use lineno of "n th" symbol, it's better to
      use last location's lineno of "n-1 th" symbol.
      primary : k_begin {} bodystmt k_end
      Before r61676 we use lineno of `@2` (ruby_sourceline).
      In this case, last location's lineno of `k_begin` (`@1`)
      is suitable.

  Modified files:

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