[ruby-cvs:68722] shyouhei:r61541 (trunk): suppress warning for clang

shyouhei at ruby-lang.org shyouhei at ruby-lang.org
Tue Jan 2 15:41:39 JST 2018

shyouhei	2018-01-02 15:41:39 +0900 (Tue, 02 Jan 2018)

  New Revision: 61541


    suppress warning for clang
    In this function, "volatile" is specified twice in macro-expanded
    `VAR_INITIALIZED(cont)` part.  That is a problem in fact.  However
    I don't want to touch this line because it is already a messy
    workaround for clang SEGV.  Let me just ignore.

  Modified files:

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