[ruby-cvs:69660] nobu:r62479 (trunk): Escape MINIRUBY in --make-flags to extmk.rb

nobu at ruby-lang.org nobu at ruby-lang.org
Mon Feb 19 10:45:17 JST 2018

nobu	2018-02-19 10:45:17 +0900 (Mon, 19 Feb 2018)

  New Revision: 62479


    Escape MINIRUBY in --make-flags to extmk.rb
    If MINIRUBY had arguments, which is the case of cross compiling
    they wouldn't be parsed correctly and compiling would fail as a RUBY
    without arguments would then be present in the Makefile's in ext/*
    [ruby-core:85620] [Bug #14486] [Fix GH-1819]
    Author:    Carl Ho?\204?\136rberg <carl.hoerberg at gmail.com>

  Modified files:

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