[ruby-cvs:69372] k0kubun:r62191 (trunk): mjit.c: try porting va_copy

k0kubun at ruby-lang.org k0kubun at ruby-lang.org
Sun Feb 4 16:43:20 JST 2018

k0kubun	2018-02-04 16:43:20 +0900 (Sun, 04 Feb 2018)

  New Revision: 62191


    mjit.c: try porting va_copy
    for non C99 conforming environments.
    The behavior of this macro is undefined, but I heard this works on many
    architectures. Let me check the Ruby CI result with this change.
    (My Windows environment has only Visual Studio 2015 and va_copy is
    provided in it...)

  Modified files:

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