[ruby-cvs:73578] normal:r66477 (trunk): thread_sync.c (rb_mutex_cleanup_keeping_mutexes): update fork_gen

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Fri Dec 21 21:32:53 JST 2018

normal	2018-12-21 21:32:52 +0900 (Fri, 21 Dec 2018)

  New Revision: 66477


    thread_sync.c (rb_mutex_cleanup_keeping_mutexes): update fork_gen
    ... when clearing waitq. Otherwise, we risk redundantly clearing
    valid waiters in future calls to `mutex_ptr`.
    Note: I am not sure if this fixes [Bug #15430], and even if it
    did, fork_gen is a belt-and-suspenders redundancy for [Bug #15383]
    which wastes one word for every Mutex object.

  Modified files:

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