[ruby-cvs:73549] duerst:r66448 (trunk): add option to deal with Unicode beta data files

duerst at ruby-lang.org duerst at ruby-lang.org
Wed Dec 19 09:26:31 JST 2018

duerst	2018-12-19 09:26:31 +0900 (Wed, 19 Dec 2018)

  New Revision: 66448


    add option to deal with Unicode beta data files
    Unicode uses file names with explicit versions for beta publication.
    This commit introduces a variable on the makefile level to distinguish
    between beta and regular versions of file names.
    common.mk: Define new variable UNICODE_BETA, usually set to NO,
    but would be YES during tests with beta data files. Pass the value
    of this variable to tool/downloader.rb with option --unicode-beta.
    tool/downloader.rb: Receive and store value of --unicode-beta.
    Raise an exception if value is YES, because we don't yet actually
    deal with this case. Continue as usual if value is not YES.
    This completes the changes needed in the makefile. Upcomming changes
    will only affect tool/downloader.rb.

  Modified files:

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