[ruby-cvs:73453] akr:r66352 (trunk): open3.rb don't use keyword splat (**).

akr at ruby-lang.org akr at ruby-lang.org
Wed Dec 12 15:48:47 JST 2018

akr	2018-12-12 15:48:46 +0900 (Wed, 12 Dec 2018)

  New Revision: 66352


    open3.rb don't use keyword splat (**).
    revert r43582, r49173 and r49177.
    open3 arguments uses spawn-like keyword arguments.
    Both symbol and integer keys are used.
    Open3.capture2(*command, :in => IO::NULL, 3 => IO::NULL)
    This style cannot be supported with keyword splat (**) since Ruby 2.6.
    Because Ruby 2.6 prohibits symbol/non-symbol key hash separation.

  Modified files:

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