[ruby-cvs:71516] k0kubun:r64424 (trunk): mjit_worker.c: revert r64322 and r64323

k0kubun at ruby-lang.org k0kubun at ruby-lang.org
Sat Aug 18 10:10:03 JST 2018

k0kubun	2018-08-18 10:10:03 +0900 (Sat, 18 Aug 2018)

  New Revision: 64424


    mjit_worker.c: revert r64322 and r64323
    I gave up to introduce the optimization that skips pc motion by checking
    C code's line number. The same code can often be shared by multiple
    program counters and it's so hard to achieve the optimization in MJIT's
    Reverting to improve performance by removing -g1 and to remove so file
    when it becomes not necessary.

  Modified files:

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