[ruby-cvs:71479] normal:r64387 (trunk): test/net/imap/test_imap.rb (test_exception_during_idle): kill infinite looper

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Thu Aug 16 12:37:14 JST 2018

normal	2018-08-16 12:37:14 +0900 (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)

  New Revision: 64387


    test/net/imap/test_imap.rb (test_exception_during_idle): kill infinite looper
    It is possible for Mutex#sleep (via ConditionVariable#wait)
    to prematurely wake up under MJIT (because Mutex#sleep can't
    handle spurious wakeups).  This affects @idle_done_cond in
    Net::IMAP#idle and means the response handler may never
    set `in_idle' to `true`.
    In any case, ensure the infinite looping `raiser' thread
    stops running when the test is done.
    Will work on reducing the effect of spurious wakeups from

  Modified files:

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