[ruby-cvs:67167] nobu:r59989 (trunk): Update trick2013/yhara for Ruby 2.4

nobu at ruby-lang.org nobu at ruby-lang.org
Fri Sep 22 20:21:34 JST 2017

nobu	2017-09-22 20:21:34 +0900 (Fri, 22 Sep 2017)

  New Revision: 59989


    Update trick2013/yhara for Ruby 2.4
    I need to raise LocalJumpError here (for the first "J" of the
    output "JUST ANOTHER RUBY HACKER"), but this `return` does
    not raise error in Ruby 2.4.
    [Fix GH-1703]
    Author:    Yutaka HARA <yutaka.hara+github at gmail.com>

  Modified files:

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