[ruby-cvs:66947] mame:r59769 (trunk): Remove unneeded trace instruction for coverage

mame at ruby-lang.org mame at ruby-lang.org
Thu Sep 7 21:36:01 JST 2017

mame	2017-09-07 21:36:01 +0900 (Thu, 07 Sep 2017)

  New Revision: 59769


    Remove unneeded trace instruction for coverage
    When no instruction is emitted in `iseq_compile_each0`
    (i.e., when the line has no significant code), trace
    instruction for `RUBY_EVENT_LINE` has been optimized out.
    But trace for `RUBY_EVENT_COVERAGE` has not been removed.
    Now, it is also removed.
    `TestISeq#test_to_a_lines` has failed a long time under
    coverage measurement (`make test-all COVERAGE=true`).
    This change makes it pass.

  Modified files:

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