[ruby-cvs:67397] nobu:r60216 (trunk): Make Time.parse respect timezone offset seconds

nobu at ruby-lang.org nobu at ruby-lang.org
Fri Oct 20 10:03:18 JST 2017

nobu	2017-10-20 10:03:18 +0900 (Fri, 20 Oct 2017)

  New Revision: 60216


    Make Time.parse respect timezone offset seconds
    DateTime.parse handles them correctly, and DateTime.parse.to_time
    results in the correct time.  Time.parse doesn't handle them
    correctly because Time.zone_offset uses a different regexp that
    only considers hours and minutes, not seconds.
    [ruby-core:83400] [Bug #14034]
    From: Jeremy Evans <code at jeremyevans.net>

  Modified files:

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