[ruby-cvs:68011] normal:r60830 (trunk): dir: release GVL on opendir

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Sat Nov 18 11:01:44 JST 2017

normal	2017-11-18 11:01:44 +0900 (Sat, 18 Nov 2017)

  New Revision: 60830


    dir: release GVL on opendir
    opendir(3) is subject to the same pathological slowdowns on
    slow or unreliable filesystems as open(2), so release the GVL
    to avoid stalling the entire VM like we do with IO#open
    * dir.c (nogvl_opendir): new function
      (opendir_without_gvl): new function
      (dir_initialize): s/opendir/&_without_gvl/
      (do_opendir): ditto

  Modified files:

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