[ruby-cvs:67820] mame:r60639 (trunk): Make Ripper use NODE buffer

mame at ruby-lang.org mame at ruby-lang.org
Sat Nov 4 18:18:08 JST 2017

mame	2017-11-04 18:18:08 +0900 (Sat, 04 Nov 2017)

  New Revision: 60639


    Make Ripper use NODE buffer
    This is a follow-up of r60488.  Not only the Ruby parser but also Ripper
    now use NODE buffer instead of NODE objects managed by GC.
    Now we can change the struct of NODEs so that it can keep detailed
    location information, perhaps (not tried yet).  Note that, however, the
    first word of each NODE must be still compatible with RBasic structure.
    This is because Ripper handles NODEs and other objects uniformly;
    especially, it still uses `RB_TYPE_P(obj, T_NODE)` for distinguishing
    between NODEs and other objects.

  Modified files:

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