[ruby-cvs:65340] nagachika:r58169 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 58008: [Backport #9294]

nagachika at ruby-lang.org nagachika at ruby-lang.org
Tue Mar 28 01:08:31 JST 2017

nagachika	2017-03-28 01:08:31 +0900 (Tue, 28 Mar 2017)

  New Revision: 58169


    merge revision(s) 58008: [Backport #9294]
    io.c: improve docs
    * io.c: [DOC] improve and harmonize docs for IO#read and ARGF#read;
      fix invalid example code for IO#read to make it syntax highlighted.
    * io.c: [DOC] various improvements for docs of IO, ARGF, and Kernel:
      fix indent to ensure correct code block detection; sync "outbuf"
      paragraph for {IO,ARGF}#read, {IO,ARGF}#readpartial, and IO#sysread;
      fix formatting of call-seq's; improve Kernel#open example to use nil?;
      fix RDoc markup and typos.

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