[ruby-cvs:65285] usa:r58114 (ruby_2_2): merge revision(s) 51871, 51872, 51874, 51875, 51876, 51877, 51878, 57517: [Backport #13190]

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Sun Mar 26 02:45:01 JST 2017

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  New Revision: 58114


    merge revision(s) 51871,51872,51874,51875,51876,51877,51878,57517: [Backport #13190]
    * doc/syntax/literals.rdoc (Strings): mention about ?a literal.
    literals.rdoc: fix typos
    * doc/syntax/literals.rdoc (Strings): fix typos.
    * doc/syntax/literals.rdoc (Strings): [DOC] Document the full list
      of supported escape sequences in string literals.
    * doc/syntax/literals.rdoc (Strings): [DOC] Revise the character
      literal part.
    literals.rdoc: add DEL [ci skip]
    * doc/syntax/literals.rdoc (Strings): [DOC] add DEL.
    [DOC] `\0` is interpreted as NUL only if not followed by an octal digit.
    [DOC] Remove `\0` since it's aprt of octal notation
    A typo is fixed while at it.
    doc: Fix error for escape sequences in string literals
    Backslash goes first in escape sequences, so it must be
    "any other character following a backslash is interpreted as ...",
    while the doc says "...followed by...".
    Author: Marcus Stollsteimer <sto.mar at web.de>
    [ruby-core:79418] [Bug #13190]

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