[ruby-cvs:65120] naruse:r57954 (ruby_2_4): merge revision(s) 57410, 57619, 57621, 57631, 57634: [Backport #13150]

naruse at ruby-lang.org naruse at ruby-lang.org
Mon Mar 13 16:30:30 JST 2017

naruse	2017-03-13 16:30:30 +0900 (Mon, 13 Mar 2017)

  New Revision: 57954


    merge revision(s) 57410,57619,57621,57631,57634: [Backport #13150]
    Prevent GC by volatile [Bug #13150]
    test/ruby/test_marshal.rb test_context_switch (load) and test_gc (dump)
    are failed on FreeBSD 10.3 and gcc7 (FreeBSD Ports Collection) 7.0.0
    20170115 (experimental); RB_GC_GUARD looks not worked well.
    ruby.h: RB_GC_GUARD stronger than gcc7
    * include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_GC_GUARD): prevent guarded pointer from
      optimization by using as an input to inline asm.
    ruby.h: remove comment
    * include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_GC_GUARD): remove comment unsupported by
      Solaris AS.
    marshal.c: use hidden objects to allow recycling
    Hidden objects (klass == 0) are not visible to Ruby code invoked
    from other threads or signal handlers, so they can never be
    accessed from other contexts.  This makes it safe to call
    rb_gc_force_recycle on the object slot after releasing malloc
    * marshal.c (rb_marshal_dump_limited): hide dump_arg and recycle when done
      (rb_marshal_load_with_proc): hide load_arg and recycle when done
    marshal.c: revert r57631 partially
    * marshal.c (rb_marshal_dump_limited): do not free dump_arg, which
      may be dereferenced in check_dump_arg due to continuation, and
      get rid of dangling pointers.
    * marshal.c (rb_marshal_load_with_proc): ditto for load_arg.

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