[ruby-cvs:64977] stomar:r57811 (trunk): docs for FileUtils.ln methods

stomar at ruby-lang.org stomar at ruby-lang.org
Thu Mar 9 05:41:39 JST 2017

stomar	2017-03-09 05:41:38 +0900 (Thu, 09 Mar 2017)

  New Revision: 57811


    docs for FileUtils.ln methods
    * lib/fileutils.rb: [DOC] add clarifying call-seq's for FileUtil.ln,
      ln_s, and ln_sf, with better argument names for the created link and
      link target.  Reported by Mike Vastola. [ruby-core:62532] [Bug #9829]
    * lib/fileutils.rb: [DOC] further improve descriptions of FileUtils.ln
      and related methods; improve examples: relative links probably won't
      work in other dir, avoid `include', use more generic homedir name.

  Modified files:

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