[ruby-cvs:66451] nobu:r59273 (trunk): Fix DecimalInteger converting to octal bug

nobu at ruby-lang.org nobu at ruby-lang.org
Thu Jul 6 20:49:03 JST 2017

nobu	2017-07-06 20:49:03 +0900 (Thu, 06 Jul 2017)

  New Revision: 59273


    Fix DecimalInteger converting to octal bug
    Previously if the input started with a '0' then it will be converted
    as octal even though it has been specified as a decimal. This commit
    forces the number to be interpreted as a decimal.
    [ruby-core:81927] [Bug #13722] [Fix GH-1665]
    Author:    william <william.mccumstie at outlook.com>

  Modified files:

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