[ruby-cvs:64565] shyouhei:r57399 (trunk): improve C0 coverage of insns.def from 65.9% to 96.1%

shyouhei at ruby-lang.org shyouhei at ruby-lang.org
Mon Jan 23 11:47:17 JST 2017

shyouhei	2017-01-23 11:47:16 +0900 (Mon, 23 Jan 2017)

  New Revision: 57399


    improve C0 coverage of insns.def from 65.9% to 96.1%
    While I was developing my private topic branch I found that the VM
    itself is not tested very much in `make test` tests.  Of course
    `make test-all` covers vast majority of the VM but running that task
    is not an immediately possible thing when we are touching the VM.  In
    order to boost development in a rapid cycle I decided to add some
    tests to the bootstraptest.  Here it is.
    * test_insns.rb: new test that covers insns.def.
    * runner.rb (#assert_equal): pass extra options to the target
      so that we can test frozen_string_literal: true situation.

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