[ruby-cvs:68545] nagachika:r61364 (ruby_2_4): merge revision(s) 57887: [Backport #13159]

nagachika at ruby-lang.org nagachika at ruby-lang.org
Wed Dec 20 23:56:48 JST 2017

nagachika	2017-12-20 23:56:48 +0900 (Wed, 20 Dec 2017)

  New Revision: 61364


    merge revision(s) 57887: [Backport #13159]
    lib/ostruct.rb: [DOC] revise docs for OpenStruct
    * update paragraph on implementation:
      define_singleton_method is used, not define_method
    * add call-seq with return values for each_pair
    * adopt description of dig from Array and Hash
    * fix description of the hash method
    * :nodoc: initialize_copy, respond_to_missing?
    * other small improvements, e.g. use the term `attribute' in the docs
      (instead of `member'), which is clearer for users of the class
    * improve code examples: e.g. use more consistent style (always use
      double quotes, drop `p' and `puts', ...), update inspect output,
      use example data that is not prone to change (like population)
    * add more code examples
    * fix some small errors and grammar
    [ruby-core:79265] [Bug #13159]

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