[ruby-cvs:68264] normal:r61083 (trunk): webrick: allow shutdown after StartCallback

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Sat Dec 9 03:51:56 JST 2017

normal	2017-12-09 03:51:56 +0900 (Sat, 09 Dec 2017)

  New Revision: 61083


    webrick: allow shutdown after StartCallback
    We must to ensure the @status ivar is set to :Running before
    running StartCallback, otherwise Webrick::Server#stop will not
    change the @status to :Shutdown properly.
    Note: I have not been able to reproduce the original issue but
    understood at least part of the problem and fixed it with this
    commit.  However, the original reporter (Peak Xu) was still able
    to reproduce the problem on 1.9.2 p180 on Windows, so I'm not
    sure what else might be going on.  Ruby threading and
    synchronization primitives have changed a lot since 1.9.2, so
    maybe that was fixed elsewhere.
    * lib/webrick/server.rb: call StartCallback sooner [Bug #4841]

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