[ruby-cvs:66882] sorah:r59704 (trunk): File#path: Raise IOError when a file is O_TMPFILE

sorah at ruby-lang.org sorah at ruby-lang.org
Thu Aug 31 20:14:36 JST 2017

sorah	2017-08-31 20:14:36 +0900 (Thu, 31 Aug 2017)

  New Revision: 59704


    File#path: Raise IOError when a file is O_TMPFILE
    File#path for a file opened with O_TMPFILE has no meaning.
    A filepath returned by this method isn't guarranteed about its accuracy,
    but files opened with O_TMPFILE are known its recorded path has no
    meaning. So let them not to return any pathname.
    After a discussion in ruby-core, just returning Qnil makes guessing the
    root cause difficult. Instead, this patch makes the method to raise an
    Other consideration is calling fnctl(2) on rb_file_path, but it adds a
    overhead, and it's difficult to determine O_TMPFILE status  after fd has
    been closed.
    [Feature #13568]
    * io.c(rb_file_open_generic): Set Qnil to fptr->pathv when opening a
      file using O_TMPFILE
    * file.c(rb_file_path): Raise IOError when fptr->pathv is Qnil
    * file.c(rb_file_path): [DOC] Update for the new behavior

  Modified files:

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