[ruby-cvs:66680] ko1:r59502 (trunk): use stable sort.

ko1 at ruby-lang.org ko1 at ruby-lang.org
Fri Aug 4 23:57:31 JST 2017

ko1	2017-08-04 23:57:31 +0900 (Fri, 04 Aug 2017)

  New Revision: 59502


    use stable sort.
    * lib/rubygems/resolver.rb (sort_dependencies): use stable sort.
      fails because this method return unstable results.
      Note that Enumerable#sort_by is unstable.
      I'm not sure the "stable" nature is required for RubyGems.
      The fact is that using stable sort, the test passed on
      mswin64+VS2017 where the sort results was reverse (unstable) order.
      Also using `-i` instead of `i` (it means forcing unstable sort)
      this test fails on other platform where the test successed before.

  Modified files:

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