[ruby-cvs:62551] rhe:r55387 (trunk): openssl: avoid test failure in test_engine.rb

rhe at ruby-lang.org rhe at ruby-lang.org
Sun Jun 12 13:48:10 JST 2016

rhe	2016-06-12 13:48:10 +0900 (Sun, 12 Jun 2016)

  New Revision: 55387


    openssl: avoid test failure in test_engine.rb
    * test/openssl/test_engine.rb (test_openssl_engine_builtin,
      test_openssl_engine_by_id_string): Skip test if 'openssl' engine is
      already loaded. And test the number increased by Engine.load{_by_id,},
      not the total count of loaded engines. Previously, we called
      OpenSSL::Engine.cleanup every time running a test case, but we no
      longer can do it.
      [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

  Modified files:

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