[ruby-cvs:62719] ngoto:r55555 (trunk): * string.c: Specify termlen as far as possible.

ngoto at ruby-lang.org ngoto at ruby-lang.org
Fri Jul 1 20:24:11 JST 2016

ngoto	2016-07-01 20:24:11 +0900 (Fri, 01 Jul 2016)

  New Revision: 55555


    * string.c: Specify termlen as far as possible.
      Additional fix for [Bug #12536] [ruby-dev:49699].
    * string.c (rb_usascii_str_new, rb_utf8_str_new): Specify termlen
      which is apparently 1 for the encodings.
    * string.c (str_new0_cstr): New static function to create a String
      object from a C string with specifying termlen.
    * string.c (rb_usascii_str_new_cstr, rb_utf8_str_new_cstr): Specify
      termlen by using new str_new0_cstr().
    * string.c (str_new_static): Specify termlen from the given encoding
      when creating a new String object is needed.
    * string.c (rb_tainted_str_new_with_enc): New function to create a
      tainted String object with the given encoding. This means that
      the termlen is correctly specified. Curretly static function.
      The function name might be renamed to rb_tainted_enc_str_new
      or rb_enc_tainted_str_new.
    * string.c (rb_external_str_new_with_enc): Use encoding by using the
      above rb_tainted_str_new_with_enc().

  Modified files:

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