[ruby-cvs:64300] nobu:r57134 (trunk): st.c: fix st_hash* functions [Bug #13019]

nobu at ruby-lang.org nobu at ruby-lang.org
Wed Dec 21 15:22:17 JST 2016

nobu	2016-12-21 15:22:16 +0900 (Wed, 21 Dec 2016)

  New Revision: 57134


    st.c: fix st_hash* functions [Bug #13019]
    Previous implementation had an issues:
    - macros murmur1 assumes murmur_step takes rotation value
      as a second argument
    - but murmur_step second argument is "next block"
    - this makes st_hash_uint and st_hash_end to not mix high bits of
      hash value into lower bits
    - this leads to pure hash behavior on doubles and mixing hashes using
      It didn't matter when bins amount were prime numbers, but it hurts
      when bins are powers of two.
    Mistake were created cause of attempt to co-exist Murmur1 and Murmur2
    in a same code.
    Change it to single hash-function implementation.
    - block function is in a spirit of Murmur functions,
      but handles inter-block dependency a bit better (imho).
    - final block is read in bit more optimal way on CPU with unaligned word access,
    - final block is mixed in simple way,
    - finalizer is taken from MurmurHash3 (it makes most of magic :) )
      (64bit finalizer is taken from
    Also remove ST_USE_FNV1: it lacks implementation of many functions,
    and looks to be abandoned
    Author: Sokolov Yura aka funny_falcon <funny.falcon at gmail.com>

  Modified files:

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