[ruby-cvs:64120] shugo:r56954 (trunk): Wait until excpetion handling is ready.

shugo at ruby-lang.org shugo at ruby-lang.org
Thu Dec 1 13:51:42 JST 2016

shugo	2016-12-01 13:51:42 +0900 (Thu, 01 Dec 2016)

  New Revision: 56954


    Wait until excpetion handling is ready.
    Because RubyCI on Solaris 10 failed as follows:
        1) Failure:
      TestProcess#test_execopts_redirect_open_fifo_interrupt_raise [/export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20161130T201909Z/ruby/test/ruby/test_process.rb:646]:
      <"ok\n"> expected but was
    The argument of sleep (0.5) can be smaller, but I'm not sure.

  Modified files:

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