[ruby-cvs:59483] normal:r52332 (trunk): variable.c: additional locking around autoload

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Thu Oct 29 08:59:46 JST 2015

normal	2015-10-29 08:59:45 +0900 (Thu, 29 Oct 2015)

  New Revision: 52332


    variable.c: additional locking around autoload
    [ruby-core:70075] [ruby-core:71239] [Bug #11384]
    Note: this open-coding locking method may go into
    rb_mutex/rb_thread_shield types.  It is smaller and simpler and
    based on the wait queue implementation of the Linux kernel.
    When/if we get rid of GVL, native mutexes may be used as-is.

  Modified files:

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