[ruby-cvs:60422] Re: normal:r53253 (trunk): test/socket/test_basicsocket.rb: attempt fix for

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Wed Dec 23 11:21:31 JST 2015

"U.NAKAMURA" <usa at garbagecollect.jp> wrote:
> Hi, Eric
> Ah, this problem was already fixed at r53244.
> So, this is not necessary.

Thinking about this more, it seems r53244 is problematic, too;
it misinforms the user when they make a mistake:

  a, b = IO.pipe
  b.autoclose = false
  # ArgumentError is informative, Errno::EBADF is misleading:
  Socket.for_fd b.fileno

Can the win32 fstat wrapper be fixed instead?

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