[ruby-cvs:60413] Re: normal:r53231 (trunk): avoid rb_bug on BasicSocket.for_fd(-1)

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Wed Dec 23 03:11:16 JST 2015

SHIBATA Hiroshi <hsbt at ruby-lang.org> wrote:
> This test is failure with win32 environment.
> http://ruby-mswin.cloudapp.net/vc10-x64/ruby-trunk/log/20151222T120215Z.log.html.gz#test-all
> Can you investigate or make to skip?

That log says it raises ArgumentError after fstat succeeds.
May there's a bug in the win32 fstat wrapper; but I don't know
win32 at all (and I will never use a non-Free OS).

Anyways, I'm attempting a workaround with r53253.
If that doesn't work; can you disable the test on win32?

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