[ruby-cvs:57338] normal:r50189 (trunk): ccan/list/list.h: sync with ccan upstream

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Thu Apr 9 09:30:27 JST 2015

normal	2015-04-09 09:30:26 +0900 (Thu, 09 Apr 2015)

  New Revision: 50189


    ccan/list/list.h: sync with ccan upstream
    This includes the following 5 commits from ccan upstream:
        list: list_add_after and list_add_before functions
        list: list_swap to exchange elements
        list: new list_for_each{, _safe}_off_dir_ macros
        list: add list_for_each_rev_off macro
        list: add list_for_each_rev_safe{,_off} macros
    This syncs us with commit c2fbfe5282ba264f3485586e7efa8a5967f2d386
    in git://git.ozlabs.org/~ccan/ccan
    These ccan commits should allow us to implement compile.c and
    st.c using ccan/list to reduce duplicated linked-list logic.

  Modified files:

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