[ruby-cvs:54674] normal:r47526 (trunk): lib/benchmark.rb: remove CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW support

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Thu Sep 11 17:09:09 JST 2014

normal	2014-09-11 17:09:07 +0900 (Thu, 11 Sep 2014)

  New Revision: 47526


    lib/benchmark.rb: remove CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW support
    In addition to being unaffected by _offset_ correction,
    CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW is also unaffected by _frequency_ correction,
    making it unsuitable for measuring real time on systems where the
    clock is always running too fast or slow.
    CLOCK_MONOTONIC (without _RAW) is the correct clock, as it is unaffected
    by _offset_ correction (due to human error or battery replacement), but
    still takes _frequency_ correction into account for clocks which
    consistently run too fast or slow.
    Thanks to V?\195?\173t Ondruch for reporting the issue on ARM [Bug #10202]

  Modified files:

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